We are a collective of airline crew members working under French contracts. We offer assistance and support, and hold humanity, mutual respect and freedom of choice close to our hearts. You are most welcome here whether vaccinated or not.


We advocate a world that respects everyone, where no judgment is made regarding their vaccination status and which has respect for medical secrecy. Unvaccinated, vaccinated, we make no distinction because it is the human being who is at the heart of our concerns. We want to restore a world of exchanges and trust, far from the threats of social distancing and QR codes. In the face of injustice, segregation and lies, we offer sharing, mutual aid and benevolence.

Those who suffer and those who resist are our brothers and our sisters. United, we stand.

As flight crew members, the possibility of a life threatening situation may appear from behind the next cloud, and we regularly prepare ourselves to face such an eventuality. We know that nation states can be brutal and unthinking, but multinational corporations are yet worse. They never have their origins in humanity, nor their roots in family and children. Big pharma companies are among the worst, knowingly and willingly paying fines and compensation in a cold blooded way to cover up their misdeeds. The executives doing this are not naive children, but knowledgeable adults who are deliberately behaving in an irresponsible manner.

We accept that these unpleasant realities exist. We account for them whilst seeking information that can lead us to the truth.

It is quite easy to unearth banned remedies used by politicians, as well as compromising documents, undercover restaurants, mammoth contracts (including the amounts paid from our taxes), bogus studies by a call girl publicised in prestigious journals, conflicts of interest and paybacks for "services rendered". And there is so much more to uncover, often disruptive and even frightening.

This is the truth, and we face it.


 Pay your dues to the mafia,
or your restaurant will burn. 

 Pay a visit in the producer's room tonight,
or forget about this role. 

 Take this mysterious jab,
or you will be starving. 

 The green pass or social rejection ,
 Your money or your life !

We refuse to be blackmailed because we are FREE CREW MEMBERS.

Flying is truly an icon of liberty. We transport those exercising their freedom of movement, we help them to discover the world and to create personal connections with others. But those who surrender liberty in exchange for security deserve neither, and will lose both.

We re-iterate that we refuse to be blackmailed and to be policed excessively, and we decline stressful medical experiments. We have the courage to say NO !

June 2022