We are a collective of airline crew members working under French contracts. We offer assistance and support, and hold humanity, mutual respect and freedom of choice close to our hearts. You are most welcome here whether vaccinated or not.


We advocate a world that respects everyone, where no judgment is made regarding their vaccination status and which has respect for medical secrecy. Unvaccinated, vaccinated, we make no distinction because it is the human being who is at the heart of our concerns. We want to restore a world of exchanges and trust, far from the threats of social distancing and QR codes. In the face of injustice, segregation and lies, we offer sharing, mutual aid and benevolence.

Those who suffer and those who resist are our brothers and our sisters. United, we stand.

Within our tasks as flight crew members, we must be aware of the existence of potentially lethal emergencies, and we prepare ourselves regularly to face these. Working as a team demands perfect synergy and an unwavering mutual confidence. Honesty, transparency and truth are the conditions for a successful mission. Falsehoods cannot exist in flight since they can be fatal for the whole team.

We have become aware of a political reality completely separated from the sanitary crisis. Lies and deceptions do not lead anywhere, they are doomed to failure. We acknowledge these unpleasant realities. We take them into account when searching for information that will lead us to the truth.

We can quite easily uncover this truth that is hidden from us. The effective but forbidden remedies in favour of new, more profitable products. Studies falsified by the most influential medical journals, the conflicts of interest, the quid pro quo, and so many other things, always disturbing and sometimes frightening.

That is the truth, and we are observing it face to face.


 Take this experimental jab,
or you will be jobless. 

 The green pass or social rejection ,
 Your money or your life !

We refuse to be blackmailed because we are FREE CREW MEMBERS.

Flying is truly an icon of liberty. We transport those exercising their freedom of movement, we help them to discover the world and to create personal connections with others. But those who surrender liberty in exchange for security deserve neither, and will lose both.

We re-iterate that we refuse to be blackmailed and to be policed excessively, and we decline stressful medical experiments. We have the courage to say NO !

July 2022