We are a collective based on assistance and mutual support between crew members under French contract. If you regret having listened to the green pass sirens' songs, promising to get back to our  old world , you are at the right place, welcome !


We preach a respectful world for everyone, based on free and enlightened information in order to identify and fight any kind of propaganda. We struggle against ostracism, and against the single mindset, which characterize a declining society.

Victims or resistance fighters are our brothers and sisters. United we stand, and divided we fall.

At any time as crew members, the eventuality of a fatal situation may appear behind any cloud and we regularly prepare ourselves to FACE it. Nations are cold-hearted monsters. Multinationals are even worse, never being originated by a people, made of families and children. Pharmaceuticals multinationals are amongst the worst, knowing about the fines and compensations they paid with equanimity. If a 8 years old child may ignore this, an adult refusing to see this reality means he is irresponsible.

We do admit those unpleasant realities. We take them into account at the time of looking for information that can lead us to the truth.

We can quite easily find the effective and banned remedies the politicians are cured with, as well as the compromising documents and the undercover restaurants, the leonine contracts and the amount paid with our taxes, the bogus studies by a call-girl and published in prestigious journals, the conflicts of interest and the return for services rendered, and so many things, always disruptive and sometimes scary.

This is the truth, and we face it.


 Pay your dues to the mafia,
or your restaurant will burn. 

 Pay a visit in the producer's room tonight,
or forget about this role. 

 Take this mysterious jab,
or you will be starving. 

The green pass or social rejection,
your money or your life !

We refuse the blackmail, because we are FREE CREW MEMBERS.

Flying is one of the actual icons of freedom. We transport people who exercise their freedom of movement, we allow them to discover the world and create a link between people. But those who give up a little liberty to gain a little security, will deserve neither and lose both.

One more, we refuse blackmail, policing, and stress medical experiments. At least we have the courage to say NO.

Octobre 2021