Our association was created after the 12th of July 2021 speech by our President Emmanuel Macron. It brings together pilots and cabin crew under a French contract. Some of us are already submitted to the green pass mandate in order to be allowed to fly between French destinations and to and from the French Overseas Departments and Territories.

We are building a judicial response to fight against the green pass. We consider that this document is generating constraint and division amongst people, and goes against the principle of equity between citizens, restricts the freedom of working, and violates numerous fundamental French and international rights.

We defend the freedom of choice for each crew member. The green pass is intended to  induce the vaccination , even our politicians admit it. As plenty of top scientists worldwide warn us, we estimate that those experimental injections, which officially are gene therapies, should only be delivered to volunteers expressing a free and informed consent. This  incitation  runs counter to the principles established after the Nuremberg Trials, after which the authors of horrible medical experiments were judged and punished.

We deplore to be obliged to pass nose swab RT-PCR tests as a condition to be allowed to work. Following the confession of its inventor who received the Nobel prize, himself admitting that this test was not convenient for diagnosing SARS-Cov2, we contest its accuracy, but also its safety, as we are meant to undergo testing several times a week.

Available detailed arguments, containing references, sources and links are the foundation of our Association, which we will be happy to share with our visitors.

October 2021