Wearing a mask deteriorates our daily relations, discriminations strain our friendships and the balance of social life. We cannot ignore all these measures that gravely disturb our emotional well-being.

Cockpit Resource Management
From  Cockpit Ressource Management , to  Crew Ressource Management , even up to  Company Ressource Management , this  CRM  acronym has continuously evolved.

However, speaking of man as a resource leads to the notion of  interchangeable operators , and even to the idea of a costly burden. We prefer thinking of this positively as wealth.

In a crew, everyone brings something, personal skills that benefit the group. We are not here discussing personal development or friendliness, but safety. Stressful situations may inhibit a crew members ability to perform their duties. Classroom training directs them to use reasoning and critical thinking, sticking to the facts. These are now numerous enough so that everyone can make an informed opinion devoid of ideology.

Between facts and behavior rise a number of biases :

  • conformity bias,  I follow the herd ,
  • confirmation bias,  I will only use those facts that confirm my initial opinion ,
  • Dunning-Kruger effect,  overconfidence  in one's uninformed judgement, and tendency to ignore biases.
  • The virus that invited itself into our professional relations is called suspicion, discrimination, sometimes denial. Its symptoms are tension, conflict, distrust, stress. This virus must be kept out of our airplanes.

    Time will do its job. Ours remains to do it safely.

    Flight Safety
    The mandatory green pass in our jobs does have an impact on flight safety.

    Unvaccinated personel must submit on every flight duty to a nasal swab that may be painful and cause bleeding, depending on the operator's dexterity, and according to personal physiological details (narrow nose pathways, over sensitivity). This constraint being applied on every duty, an obvious psychological pressure to vaccinate is imposed on crew members who decided not to.

    These tests are performed at off-duty time. For destinations with mandatory testing, crew needs to report for duty one hour before normal time, while fearing for a painful and maybe dangerous experience. There is no guarantee of a successful outcome, and a  positive  result might prevent departure at the very last minute. Why reject salivary testing well in advance, at home ?

    Vaccine adverse events that make it to the various databases (EudraVigilance, VAERS, UK Yellow Card) are far more numerous and severe than for any other classic vaccine. Severe effects are all the more penalizing that crew members need to pass a stringent yearly medical check. Some of these effects include blood clots, that are hard to detect without a proper examination. They cause thromboses, cardiac and cerebral accidents, a serious risk for us who work in variable pressure environments. Our good health is a necessary condition of flight safety, and that of our passengers. As we see these multiple adverse events in the general public, we do not understand why our medical check centers would not perform the necessary blood tests on this occasion.

    We need to put first what is essential in our line of work.

    October 2021