Our action comprises three components :

  • A human component, because the crisis we are encountering generates worries and stress throughout the aviation population,
  • A legal component, in order to get our voice heard,
  • A union based component, to seek support from our representatives, and to promote negotiation with those in management.

    Our top priorities are to bring together all crews who are in favour of freedom of choice, to mutually support each other and to share and exchange solutions in face of the constraints which have been imposed upon us since the start of this COVID 19 crisis.

    The political decisions which have lead to discrimination and the removal of freedoms are intimidating. They have greatly affected the population in general, and especially since the announcements of 12th July 2021 certain professions among which are those of flight crew. A wave of solidarity and humanity has been born, which will allow all these crew members to join together, linked by common motivations, determination and a desire to defend themselves. Above all, to support each other and to stay united.

    Now, we wish to allow crews from elsewhere who share our values and ambitions to join with us. Equally, We have approached movements similar to ours that have emerged in different countries. They are American, Canadian, English, Swiss, German, Dutch, Australian, Austrian. They face the same issues as us and share our views and concerns.

    United we stand !

    In order to make our case heard, in seems to us that some form of legal action is inevitable, even if our chances of success appear slim. Legal action remains as the natural and lawful avenue to recourse.

    As citizens, parents, and employees we cannot remain passive when faced with measures that are increasingly menacing to our freedoms and privileges. Many philosophers, social commentators, university professors and lawyers are alerting us to the fact that « The state of emergency does not justify everything ». Despite a recent relaxation in France, the vaccination pass is still required for many destinations, such as Canada, Brazil and even our overseas territories. This green pass is a strong incentive for crewmembers to be vaccinated in order to enable them to work on flights to some of their usual destinations.

    We have decided to defend ourselves on the professional level. We intend to fight all the legislative measures and dispositions which, under the cover of the « sanitary crisis », have put in place huge coercion upon crews to be vaccinated. Effectively, the maintenance of our employment has now become subject to the holding of a health pass valid for certain destinations. In addition, since 15th October last, the renewal of this pass is at the financial cost of those who need to be able to show it for work involving travel to the destinations concerned.

    Therefore we denounce the « conditional freedom » across our various avenues of recourse to the government (French Conseil d'Etat). We are convinced that good sense will triumph in one way or another, and despite the headwinds and the pressures exerted by mainstream media we are determined to continue our legal challenges with all our energy.

    The unions have a major role to play. They are a ligitimate means of negotiation concerning the application of the health pass with management, and thereby any possible adjustments within the business.

    It is their duty to defend all their members. There should be no discrimination on their part. We request and provide information regularly, so that they take good note of the state of affairs currently in play.

    We are aware that the task is not easy. We are determined to obtain their full support, and insist that they protect us if, unfortunately, our employers make decisions that are inappropriate for us.

    Some unions have been quicker to defend our point of view than others. We see a great disparity within trade unions, ranging from denial or even contempt when listening to and taking into account our arguments. The subject, which is divisive within society, is similar within our profession, but we are nevertheless continuing the dialog in order to advance our points of view.

    June 2022