Under threat of social exclusion and loss of livelihood, many have submitted to the jab even though they did not believe in its medical relevance. Though they are young, in good health and without comobidities, they are a majority in our community of flying crew members.


Under such pressure, some of us resist and intend to defend their fundamental rights, their freedom of choice. The stakes are high, they are about our health, our safety, our future.

To the thinly veiled dictates to follow the greater herd, we reply that History was not always on its side, and following the trend was not always the path to salvation. We foster mutual respect, we are looking forward to an enlightened debate with a constructive view toward the greater good.

Never before in the history of our modern societies have we seen so many discrepancies and contradictions in science, never before so many renowned and respected experts and scientists have expressed such reluctance toward public policies.

Our DNA includes a dose of healthy skepticism. We must think before we commit to an irreversible course of action, facing the risk to lose everything, our health, our job. Critical thinking is about keeping all options open, using time to further our analysis, stepping back to have a broader view. We are justified in questioning this rush to inject an experimental product on everyone, including the youngest, with so many lingering doubts on its efficacy.

What has become of the  precautionary principle  so dear to our leaders in the spring of '20 ?

History will be the final arbiter. Rushed up decisions are detrimental in our jobs, they make a large bulk of human error. Time will play out in favor of those who knew to be patient, who took time to think through a difficult dilemma.

We welcome with open arms all flying personnel under french contracts who resonate with our message. We invite you to join us to defend our fundamental rights, our freedom of choice.


October 2021